Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to buy insurance online?
How can I know whether my online application is submitted successfully or not?
Is medical examination required for purchasing insurance products?
How can I receive my policy?
Where should I keep my insurance policy?
Would my policy become ineffective if I lose the policy contract? Would this affect any claims under my policy?


How to submit a claim and what documents are required for submissions?

Customer Due Diligence

What is Customer Due Diligence?
What is my obligation under the Customer Due Diligence?
Why do I need to provide a selfie as part of the policy application?
Would my policy be terminated in the event if the Customer Due Diligence is not fulfilled?


What is Levy?
When do I need to pay levy? What will be the consequences if I do not pay levy on time?
Will my policy be terminated if I do not pay the levy?
Arrangement of Levy collection starting 01 Apr 2020

Online Service

How can I check my policy information online?
What is the requirement for membership registration?
How do I know if my membership registration is successful or not?
Why is my password temporarily suspended when I login to the customer service portal?
What if I have forgotten my username?
What if I have forgotten my password?

Policy Servicing

How can I cancel/surrender my policy?
How can I get back the premium after I have cancelled/surrendered my policy?
How do I update my personal information such as address, mobile number, email address, beneficiary(ies), sum assured and payment method etc.?
Will there be any notification when my policy is due for renewal?


How can I file a complaint?
If I wish to make an enquiry or seek assistance from a regulatory body, which organization should I contact?

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