FREE Post Vaccination Protection
Get HK$300 Pharmacy Benefit Upon Successful Registration

Blue offers FREE post vaccination protection: Enjoy HK$300 pharmacy benefit upon successful registration. Submit your receipts to our claims platform after purchasing anti-pandemic items, health supplements and medications, get reimbursement as fast as 1 working day through FPS. Blue also offers compassionate death benefit to existing customers. This coverage will be effective automatically at no additional cost and with no waiting period required.

Enjoy HK$300 Pharmacy Benefits with
Brand New PharmaEASY Protector at HK$158 annual premium

Pharmacy benefits plan special offer starts now! Discounted price at HK$158 annual premium to enjoy HK$300 pharmacy reimbursement. Which means you can get over-the counter medicines, health supplements, anti-covid items, surgical masks at 45% discount.Simply submit a claim online and get reimbursement to your bank account directly in as fast as one working day!

Outpatient Insurance Discounted Premium at HK$238
Add-on Accidental Benefits or CIS Protection with HK$1 First Month Premium

Outpatient Insurance discounted premium at HK$238 only. Apply for WeMedi Outpatient Plan and get instant offer for Accidental Benefits or CIS protection at HK$1 first month premium. Protect your family, kids and elderlies’ medical spending with Blue’s outpatient insurance. Enjoy private outpatient service with the medical card anytime throughout the year.

Brand New Savings Insurance Welcome Offer
Enjoy HK$300 e-coupon Upon Successful Application

Enjoy HK$300 e-coupon upon successful application of brand new WeSave S3 Insurance Plan. Guarantees an average interest rate of 2.3% p.a during promotion period, with no-charge for early withdrawal. Entry premium as low as US$4,000. Limited quota, get your promotion code now!

Apply for high return savings insurance and Enjoy a FREE personal accident protection for 1 year

Apply for WeSave E1 Insurance and enjoy a free WeCare Personal Accident Protection Plan 1 with the sum assured of HK$100,000(The policy benefit term is 1 year). enjoy guaranteed rate up to 3.1% p.a. *, entry premium as low as US$4,000. Let’s grow your wealth with us!
Promotion Code: 【ENDOWMENT】

With Blue’s Outpatient Medical Insurance, you can enjoy up to 70% discount in 7 types of outpatients service, including Chinese Herbalist and Bone Setting consultant. Apply online now!
Outpatient Insurance Special Offer
iAM Smart’s users to enjoy discounted premium at HK$138

Blue’s outpatient medical insurance discount offer: iAM Smart’s users can enjoy first year discounted premium at HK$138. You can enjoy up to 70% discount on General Practitioner consultation, Specialist consultation, Physiotherapy treatment, Chinese Herbalist consultation, Chinese Bone Setting treatment, Acupuncture treatment and Chiropractor treatment with your e-medical card. All applicants with eligible policy issue age can enjoy the same special price at HK$138. Apply online now!

FREE COVID-19 and Term Life Coverage Apply Online for FREE

To fight against the pandemic, Blue offers COVID-19 and term life coverage for FREE. Applicant is not required to hold any existing policy with Blue. If applicant is diagnosed with Novel Coronavirus HK$10,000 will be paid. Simply apply online for FREE.
Promotion Code: 【BLUECARES】

Birthday Offer: $300 Premium Discount

Apply WeCare Products with a promotion code in your birthday month and enjoy $300 premium discount!
Promotion code: 【HAPPYBDAY】

life insurance discount
Life Insurance coverage for as low as HK$0.22 per day

Less than a dollar for comprehensive coverage

critical illness insurance discount
Critical Illness insurance coverage for as low as HK$0.27 per day

Comprehensive protection for less than a dollar