Enjoy guaranteed savings and flexible cash withdrawal!
WeSave S1 Insurance Plan (the “Plan”) guarantees an average interest rate of 3% p.a., with no charge for policy surrender. We help you to save and achieve your financial goals with ease!
Great Guaranteed Returns
Guaranteed return is provided throughout the entire policy term, with daily guaranteed crediting interest.
Charge-Free Full Withdrawal
Fully withdraw your funds whenever you need at no charge. You are entitled to a guaranteed return even if you surrender your policy before the policy ends.
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*The above is an illustration of your benefit amount and assumes that all premiums are received by the Company in full on the premium due dates. The savings calculator is for illustration only and does not account for levy. The Account Value illustrated may differ slightly from the actual benefit amount payable due to rounding differences.

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Grow Your Wealth with Ease; Plan Your Finances Freely
Take a look at how the Plan can suit different financial needs:
Clara, Career Starter: Flexible Use of Savings

Clara worked for five years after graduation from university. She had a savings habit since she was a kid, and set a savings goal for herself every year. Without much investment knowledge, she hoped to choose a savings plan with a steady return to grow her personal wealth. Therefore, Clara decided to go for WeSave S1 Insurance Plan and paid a single premium of USD15,000 in full. Three years later, Clara’s family needed urgent financial assistance, so she decided to surrender her policy and withdraw the full amount to cater to such cash flow needs. At last, she received USD16,074 as surrender benefit to cope with the situation without paying any penalty fees.

James, A First-Time Dad: Savings for Family Expenses

James, at the age of 33, had a newborn baby. He reckoned that there could be quite a lot of unexpected expenses, so set aside some amount idle cash. However, he was wondering if he could invest in a flexible low-risk savings plan instead of just leaving money as cash depreciating. In the end, James decided to go for WeSave S1 Insurance Plan and paid a single payment of USD 50,000 in full. He withdrew the savings in  3 years later due to an emergency, getting principal of USD50,000 and a guaranteed return of USD3,580 in total.

David, Engineer: Guaranteed Return to Accumulate Wealth

David, an engineer aged 55 years old, began planning for his retirement. He planned to save a sufficient amount of money to support his retirement life five years later. In the face of the uncertain market conditions and his busy work schedule, David wanted to build his retirement funds with a guaranteed savings plan providing stable return, and at the same time a plan that would not take him too much time to manage. He decided to apply for WeSave S1 Insurance Plan, paying a single premium of USD150,000 in full. Five years later when the savings plan ended, David successfully got back his principal of USD150,000 and the guaranteed return of USD23,925 giving him the perfect start to a carefree retirement.

Key Features and Benefits1
Get to know more about our Plan
Key Summary Key Coverage
Policy Currency USD
Issue Age 18-65
Policy Benefit Term 5 years
Premium Payment Term Single payment
Maximum Cover Age 70
Premium Payment Frequency Single premium
Minimum Premium Amount (per policy) Single premium: USD 4,000
Maximum Premium Amount (per Life Assured individual) Single premium: USD 250,000
Premium Change Not Applicable
Partial Withdrawal Not Applicable
Guaranteed Crediting Interest Rate (per annum)
Policy year Single Premium
1 2.00%
2 2.00%
3 3.00%
4 3.00%
5 5.05%
Fees and Charges No charges
Surrender Benefit 100% of Account Value
Death Benefit 101% of Account Value
Accidental Death Benefit If the death of the Life Assured individual is caused by an accident, in addition to Death Benefit, an extra 100% of Account Value will be given, subject to a maximum of USD 125,000 per Life Assured individual under all WeSave S1 policies.
What’s so special about the Plan?
A 3% p.a. return is guaranteed for easy achievement of goals and dream realization.
You can surrender your policy at any time and yet enjoy interest, so you can manage your wealth with more flexibility.
What’s not covered?
If the Life Assured individual commits suicide within the first year of policy, Death Benefit will not be payable;however, 100% of Account Value will be payable.
Accidental Death Benefit will not be payable for the Life Assured individual’s participation in semi-professional or professional sport, whether practice, training or competition.
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