Affordable medical care that won’t break the bank

WeMedi Group Medical Protector

Enjoy up to 70% off on 8 types of outpatient services throughout the year¹


WeMedi Group Medical Protector

Affordable medical care that won’t break the bank

Looking for a group medical insurance plan that fits within your company’s budget?

WeMedi Group Medical Protector is designed with SMEs in mind. With our plan, you can take care of your employees’ health and wellness; and protect your company’s financial well-being at the same time.

Your employees can show their e-medical cards to access over 700 designated network doctors² and receive 8 types of outpatient services with up to 70% off for unlimited times per year¹ (except for dental coverage).

Cost-effective coverage for your employees

Enjoy premium as low as HK$17 per month per employee³. Our plan is available to companies with a minimum of 3 employees. No medical underwriting is required.

700+ Designated Doctors², 8 types of outpatient services

Your employee can access over 700 designated network doctors² and receive 8 types of outpatient services with up to 70% off for unlimited times per year¹ (except for dental coverage). Our outpatient services cover General Practitioner consultation (inclusive of 3 days basic medication), Specialist consultation (inclusive of 4 days basic medication), Physiotherapy treatment, Chinese Herbalist consultation (inclusive of 2 days basic medication), Chinese Bone Setting treatment, Acupuncture treatment, Chiropractic treatment and dental coverage (which is limited to one visit per policy year).

Show your e-medical card for outpatient services

Simply show your e-medical card to access our designated network doctors² at discounted rates. No claims process is needed.

Hospital Cash Benefit⁵

Our Standard Plan offers additional hospital cash benefit⁵. Employees who are admitted into a public or private hospital can receive a daily cash amount of HK$500, covering a maximum of 182 days per policy year (max. 10 days per confinement). This offers them a flexible way to reduce their financial burden during hospitalisation.


Entry Plan

Standard Plan⁶

Annual Premium

HK$200, per member⁴

Starting from HK$600, per member⁴

A. Outpatient Services
Maximum limit of visits: - Unlimited visits per policy year for items (i) – (vii); and one visit per each category per day - One visit per policy year for item (viii)

Preferential Consultation Charge⁷

(i) General Practitioner Consultation (Inclusive of 3 days basic medication)


(ii) Specialist Consultation (Inclusive of 4 days basic medication)


(iii) Physiotherapy Treatment* (per session per region)


(iv) Chinese Herbalist Consultation (Inclusive of 2 days basic medication)


(v) Chinese Bone Setting Treatment (per session per region)


(vi) Acupuncture Treatment (per session per region)


(vii) Chiropractor Treatment* (per session per region)


(viii) Dental Services⁸ (Including dental examination, scaling and polishing only)

HK$198 up⁸

B. Hospital Cash Benefit⁵

(ix) Hospital Cash Benefit⁵ (per day)



C. Compassionate Death Benefit

(x) Compassionate Death Benefit


* Referral letter is needed for physiotherapy treatment and Chiropractor treatment. Life Assured should present a valid referral letter from a Registered General Practitioner (GP). The referral letter shall be valid for 6 months from the issue date.

Key Features and Benefits⁹

Key Summary

Key Coverage

Issue Age¹⁰

Employees: Aged under 65
Employee’s dependent:
• Spouse: Aged under 65
• Children: 15 days to below 18

Maximum Cover Age¹⁰

Employees: Aged 65
Employee’s dependent:
• Spouse: Aged 65
• Children: Aged 18

Policy Benefit Term

1 year – Yearly Renewable Plan (non-guaranteed)

Minimum Number of Employees

At least 3 eligible employees, and all eligible employees must be insured.

Premium Payment Term

1 year

Plan Level requirement

Different plan levels are allowed within the same policy, Standard Plan is only applicable for eligible employees.

Policy Currency

Hong Kong Dollars

The product information does not contain the full terms of the policy. You can find the full terms in the policy document.

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