Pre-Summer Promotion 2022

Welcome the season with our fabulous offers!


WeMedi Outpatient Protector

Enjoy discounted first year premium at HK$138 and a special 2-for-1 offer

WeMedi Outpatient Protector offers you a peace of mind to enjoy discounts on 7 types of outpatient services including general practitioner consultation, specialist consultation, Physiotherapy treatment, Chinese Herbalist consultation, Chinese Bone Setting treatment, Acupuncture treatment, and Chiropractor treatment. With “Blue Pre-Summer Promotion 2022”, you can now enjoy a discounted first year premium of “WeMedi Outpatient Protector” at HK$138 while your friend can enjoy a HK$0 first year premium upon your successful application! The plan offers coverage for all ages, from 15 days to age 80. For parents, this helps to minimise their expensive medical expenses on their children.

WeMedi Outpatient Protector

  • 700+ designated doctors available for consultation!

  • Enjoy discounts on 7 types of outpatient services anytime¹ throughout the year

  • No claims procedure required

Valid until 30/06/2022

Promo Code:M1BUY1GET1

WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector (Entry Plan)

Enjoy Discounted First Year Premium at HK$38

Been spending lots on rapid test kits, over-the-counter medicine, and supplements recently?

As the first-ever² pharmacy benefit plan in Hong Kong, “WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector” offers claims for a range of pharmaceutical expenses. From getting medicine to ease your flu symptoms to giving a boost to your immune system, you can now claim your actual spending on various pharmaceutical expenses subject to the pharmacy benefit amount. With “Blue Pre-Summer Promotion 2022”, if you never successfully applied for “WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector” , you can apply for the “WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector’s” entry plan at the discounted first year premium of HK$38 and enjoy up to HK$300 pharmacy benefit amount³ for claiming actual expenses per policy year. Act now to protect your health!

WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector

  • Get cover your pharmaceutical expenses on medicines and personal care products

  • Covered 5000+ designated online & offline designated dealers⁴.

  • Reimburse your claims via FPS in as fast as one hour!

Valid until 30/06/2022

Promo Code:WGPE38

“WeSave S3 Insurance Plan (Mini) Promotion” –

Exclusive offer for New Customers⁵

Looking for a low-risk investment option to grow your wealth at ease?

“WeSave S3 Insurance Plan (Mini) Promotion” offers you both flexibility and stable returns. You can enjoy up to 10% p.a. guaranteed crediting interest rate⁶ in the first 3 months of the policy. This promotion allows you to withdraw your funds and guaranteed returns at no charge anytime. Upon successful application with the “Blue Pre-Summer Promotion 2022” promo code, you will also be rewarded a HK$50 Watsons e-Voucher.

WeSave S3 Insurance Plan (Mini) Promotion

  • Low entry premium, higher rate of return

  • Minimum premium requirement is as low as US$200

  • Up to 10% p.a. guaranteed crediting interest rate⁶ in the first 3 months of the policy

Exclusive offer for new customers⁵ – Get a HK$50 Watson’s e-Voucher upon your first successful application of “WeSave S3 Insurance Plan (Mini) Promotion”!

Valid until 30/06/2022

Promo Code:FINALS3M

Upgraded Offer: Up to 50% off First-Year Premium on Selected WeCare Series Protection Plans^

Enjoy up to 50% off your first year premium^ on 4 selected WeCare series protection plans with the upgraded offer from “Blue Pre-Summer Promotion 2022”. Enjoy a peace of mind with the protection you and your loved ones need, including Term Life, Critical Illness and Personal Accident.

WeCare Term Life Protection Plan 1

(Protection Benefit Term: 1 year)

  • Tailor your coverage with protection amounts up to HK$8 million⁷

WeCare Term Life Protection Plan 2

(Protection Benefit Term: 5 years)

  • Good value for money Term Life Insurance

WeCare Critical Illness Protection Plan 1

(Protection Benefit Term: 5 years)

  • Extended coverage for children⁸

  • Covers cancer, heart attack and stroke

WeCare Personal Accident Protection Plan 1

(Protection Benefit Term: 1 year)

  • Double protection amounts of up to HK$4,000,000⁹ coverage

  • Covers 15 common infectious diseases, including Dengue Fever and Avian Influenza

Promo Code: 22SWWC50