Post Vaccination Protection Blue offers two complimentary protections to safeguard you throughout the pandemic


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Blue Post Vaccination Protection

In Blue, safeguarding the health of you and your family has always been our top priority. With the pandemic ongoing, we offer “Post Vaccination Protection” with two complimentary protections* - a HK$300 pharmacy expenses protection and a HK$200,000 compassionate death protection - to ensure that you can get vaccinated with confidence.*

“WeSupport Health Complimentary Pharmacy Benefit”

HK$300 Pharmacy benefit for you to safeguard your health

Get a FREE “WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector’s ”entry plan (the policy benefit term is one year) upon successful application*



  1. Hong Kong identity card holders with a residential address in Hong Kong; and

  2. Aged between 18 and 65; and

  3. Received the Approved COVID-19 Vaccination^; and

  4. This Promotion is only applicable to customer who has never successfully applied for “WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector”


Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for promotion details.

^The “Approved COVID-19 Vaccination” shall mean the vaccination for the purpose of immunization against COVID-19 (not correlated to vaccines administered after the onset of infection), including the first dose, subsequent doses and booster doses, and must be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration or health authorities of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner and administered by the same or a licensed or registered nurse of Hong Kong during the Promotional Period in Hong Kong.

“WeSupport Life Complimentary Compassionate Death Benefit”

Compassionate Death Benefit: HK$200,000

If you own an in force policy under any of the selected WeCare, WeGuard, or WeMedi protection plans as shown below, you will be entitled to the “WeSupport Complimentary Compassionate Death Benefit.”*

Applicable to designated plans (Applies to existing and new policies):

  1. WeCare Term Life Protection Plan 1

  2. WeCare Critical Illness Protection Plan 1

  3. WeCare Personal Accident Protection Plan 1

  4. WeCare Term Life Protection Plan 2

  5. WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector

  6. WeGuard Eye Disease Protector

  7. WeCare Carcinoma-in-situ (CIS) Protector

  8. WeCare Cancer All-in-One Protector

  9. WeCare Accidental Hospital Cash Protector

  10. WeCare Accidental Emergency Cash Protector

  11. WeCare Accidental Joint & Bones Protector

  12. WeMedi Outpatient Protector

  13. WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector

This coverage will be effective automatically at no additional cost and with no waiting period required.Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for coverage details.

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