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Birthday Offer for you!

Want to enjoy a premium discount for your birthday? Blue is offering a special gift for your special day: a HK$300 premium discount.

Apply for “WeCare Term Life Protection Plan 1”, “WeCare Term Life Protection Plan 2”, “WeCare Critical Illness Protection Plan 1” or “WeCare Personal Accident 1” within your birthday month, enter the promo code [HAPPYBDAYX], and you are entitled to an instant premium discount of HK$300!


You can now purchase a protection plan at a budget premium and enjoy a better birthday! Application is open to all birthday stars in their birthday month.


The promotional period is from now until 30 June 2022 for limited quota only. Get a quote now!

HK$300 premium discount

Apply the promo code【HAPPYBDAYX】to enjoy the maximum discount of HK$300 on the 1 st premium.

Limited quota

The promotion is on a first-come, first-served basis.

For HK Resident

This offer is exclusive for Hong Kong identity card holders with a residential address in Hong Kong.

Product Recommendations

WeCare Term Life Protection Plan 1

  • Change the plan without penalties

  • Up to HK$8 million coverage

  • Premium as low as HK$0.22 per day¹


WeCare Term Life Protection Plan 2

  • Pure life protection with no savings element

  • Up to HK$5.5 million coverage

  • Guaranteed policy renewal without answering further health questions


WeCare Critical Illness Protection Plan 1

  • Covering the three most common critical illnesses in Hong Kong: cancer, heart attack and stroke

  • Complimentary coverage to each of your children under 18 and your children in the future²

  • Guaranteed policy renewal


WeCare Personal Accident Protection Plan 1

  • Covering 15 infectious diseases⁴ (including Dengue Fever and Avian Influenza)

  • Overseas accidental deaths⁵ are covered with 200% of the Sum Assured to up to HK$4,000,000

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