Blue Launches WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector

A Digital Life Insurance Market-First Top Up Outpatient Plan


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Hong Kong, 13 July 2021 - Blue, the first digital life insurer in Hong Kong, today announced the launch of its WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector (the “Plan”), a market-first¹ top up outpatient plan in the digital life insurance market to subsidise existing outpatient plans to help customers alleviate the financial burden of medical expenses.

Always keeping customer needs at the forefront, the launch of Blue’s WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector is in response to the rise of Hong Kong’s doctor consultation fees. According to HKSAR Government statistics, patients are now paying a median net consultation fee of HK$260² per consultation made with a private medical practitioner in Hong Kong, potentially adding up to thousands of dollars a year. The Plan allows customers to top up their existing group or personal outpatient reimbursement insurance plans by other insurers. Customers can be subsidised for their outstanding medical expense after being reimbursed from other insurers, helping them to reduce their protection gap.

Mr. Charles Hung, CEO and Executive Director of Blue, stated, “We are proud to launch yet another digital market-first solution that helps our customers minimise their expenses and make their lives easy. Our WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector plan is a prime example that Blue is dedicated to creating products that are flexible, easy and affordable, allowing our customers to feel comfortable when it comes to protecting their health. This is something that, in the current climate, is becoming increasingly more important.”

The WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector plan offers 3 levels of benefit: Entry, Standard and Premium to suit different customers’ needs. Depending on the level of benefit chosen, the Plan covers the consultation services of General Practitioner or Specialist or Chinese Herbalist, Acupuncture and Chiropractor Treatment; and customers are entitled to the maximum top up benefit per policy year ranging from HK$2,000 to HK$10,500³. With no waiting period, customers can enjoy instant coverage and make a claim once the Plan is effective.

In addition, Blue has unveiled a faster and simplified online application and claim process for the Plan. The online application process takes as fast as five minutes and personal medical reports are not required for submission. With the streamlined claim process, customers can simply provide a copy of medical receipts and relevant claim statements from their insurer to make a claim. They can also receive reimbursement via FPS in as fast as one hour⁴.

Apply for WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector now, customers can enjoy a discount on first-year premium. Customers are also entitled to a Complimentary COVID-19 antibody test⁵ upon successful application of Standard or Premium level of the Plan.

For details of WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector, please click here.


  1. Information was updated as of 7 July 2021, and is based on Blue’s understanding and interpretation towards the current market information among the digital life insurers.

  2. Page 25, Thematic Household Survey Report No. 68, Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Published in November 2019)(

  3. Respective terms and conditions apply to the above product.

  4. Only applies to successful submission of eligible claims that occur between 9am and 12am (midnight) using FPS for claim payment.

  5. Terms and conditions apply. For promotion details, please visit  WeMedi Top Up (Outpatient) Protector website.