Blue launches its new Microfilm "Doomsday Club", starring MC, Chloe and Jeffrey


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“What would you do, if the world ends tomorrow?”

The microfilm is starring 3 young idols- Jeffrey Ngai, MC Cheung, Chloe So, who formed the “Doomsday Club” during high school, with the spirit of “No regrets, Live Easy”. The trio is having a playful vision to finish “100 things one will never regret” …

How would you choose between life and career?

When we grow up, there are so many precious things that slip out of our hands, sometimes it will be a friendship that you treasure much. Jeffrey, who is stressed by the busy work, has repeatedly chosen work over friends , what is the right choice for him?

Divergence in life goals leading to the end of a friendship?

Does high school friendship last forever? The pursuit of different life goals has made Jeffrey and MC go separate ways, what would Chloe do to mend the friendship? Can MC make up with Jeffrey ?

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