Blue’s Latest Updates


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18 February 2022 │ Interview with DigFin

Charles Hung, CEO and Executive Director of Blue Insurance Hong Kong, chatted with DigFin Group about the latest industry trends and explained how crucial digital insurers are to the insurance sector’s growth.

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20 January 2022 │ Interview with Biztech Asia

Blue’s CEO and Executive Director Charles Hung talked about Blue’s strategy and how the company serves its customers with value, simplicity, and flexibility with the broad spectrum of products and services.

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18 January 2022 │ Interview with am730

In this interview, Blue’s CEO and Executive Director Charles Hung recognised the boom in insurtech, resulting in more and more people being open to the idea of buying digital insurance given its increased accessibility for all.

Read more about how digital insurance helps customers make easier decisions towards their health management and how Blue has been a pioneer in this area (Chinese only): 肉緊客服 唔做Me2 Blue Insurance網上投其所保

17 January 2022 │ Interview with ViuTV’s Invest Smarter

Blue’s CEO and Executive Director Charles Hung made his appearance on ViuTV’s programme “Invest Smarter”! He talked about the latest developments in Hong Kong’s insurtech market, and how the overall digital insurance industry has improved as the demand from customers for simple and flexible solutions increased amid the pandemic.

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14 January 2022 │ Featured in China Daily

CEO and Executive Director Charles Hung backed the importance of society's move towards digitalisation, and saw an uptick in people purchasing insurance digitally, thanks to the new trends such as working from home. He also shared his thoughts on how Hong Kong's advanced healthcare and finance sectors could collaborate with the tech-savvy Greater Bay Area to provide even more insightful and useful products for our customers in the future.

Read the full article here: Virtually all insurers go the same way

2 January 2022 │ Featured in South China Morning Post

In this article, Blue’s CEO and Executive Director Charles Hung discussed the growth of digital insurance, the importance of investing in new technologies, and how innovation and cost-effective solutions helped attract tech-savvy millennials to purchase insurance online.

Read the full article here: Covid-19 is spurring younger Hongkongers to buy more insurance protection

2 December 2021 │ Speaking at “Digital Transformation for Banking & Insurance” Conference

At the “Digital Transformation for Banking & Insurance” Conference, hosted by Future Finance Media Hong Kong, Blue’s CEO and Executive Director Charles Hung explained how Blue’s attention to delivering and creating valuable customer experiences, making insurance much more approachable, and how its easy to understand products are contributing to the sector’s demystification. He also shared the increasing use of data-driven solutions will further enhance insurers’ understanding of consumers’ behavioural changes, strengthening the way Blue elevates its customer engagement.

29 November 2021 │ Speaking at Insurance E-summit 2021

Charles Hung, CEO and Executive Director of Blue Insurance Hong Kong, was invited to be the guest speaker at the Insurance E-summit 2021, co-organised by the Vocational Training Council's Insurance Training Board and PEAK. In the Summit, he explained how Blue’s flair for innovation helps the company become an industry tone setter, ready to respond to the challenges of tomorrow.