CEO of Blue as panel speaker for Hong Kong InsurTech Insights 2019


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Charles Hung, CEO & Executive Director of Blue, joined the Hong Kong InsurTech Insights 2019 as a speaker. The event gathered professionals around the globe to exchange latest insights on insurance technologies.

Charles shared in the panel discussion on the topic of “Can Insurance be Bought but Not Sold”, “In future, we will see more personalised micro-insurance with dynamic pricing, as well as usage-based products.”

He also emphasized the importance of data in the insurance industry, “Data can help us detect the potential risks and mitigate them by offering preventive solutions to customers. It will shift the insurance landscape from a “repair” to “prevent” mindset.”

Insurtech Insights is a global event held across the globe annually, aiming to connect industry leaders with innovative startups who are revolutionising the insurance market in order to create mutual business opportunities and accelerate growth.