Blue Becomes First Insurer in Hong Kong to Fully Adopt Tencent Cloud’s Technology for Its Core Infrastructure

Shaking up the insurance market with unprecedented agility and speed to market


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HONG KONG, 18 November 2019 – Blue, the first digital life insurer in Hong Kong, today announced the successful transformation and deployment of its cloud-enabled core infrastructure, making it the first insurer in Hong Kong to operate its core system solely on Tencent Cloud. Blue joins a wide range of businesses across various industries that benefit from Tencent Cloud’s cutting-edge technology, capitalising on the solution’s security, reliability and high performance.

Blue is shaking up the traditional insurance market with this ground-breaking achievement. The deployment of Tencent Cloud for its core infrastructure, together with the removal of traditional legacy systems, will enable Blue to take its agility, scalability, and innovation to the next level. The infrastructure lays the foundation for other new technologies to plug into and play on Blue’s core system, enhancing its overall customer journey and accelerating its product development process. 

A landmark in Hong Kong’s insurance industry

Mr. Charles Hung, CEO and Executive Director of Blue said, “We are proud of achieving this milestone of being the first insurer in Hong Kong to embrace Tencent Cloud’s technologies for our core system. In this digital era, customer expect brands to be agile, and speed to market is critical to delivering a satisfactory customer experience. Traditional legacy systems are no longer sustainable or efficient for us to respond to the fast-changing needs of consumers. With customers at the centre of everything we do, this system transformation will enable us to create smarter propositions and a better experience for them.”

“We are proud to provide Blue with our full support for the adoption of Tencent Cloud into its core infrastructure, and be a part of this exciting, pioneering move to revolutionise Hong Kong’s insurance sector. We look forward to collaborating with Blue to reshape the Insurtech landscape, and we hope this initiative creates more opportunities for collaboration in the future,” Mr. Norman Tam, General Manager, International Business Group of Tencent said.

Mr. Hung added, “Tencent has a proven track record in providing secure, reliable cloud infrastructure for financial institutions. The security standards have been upgraded specifically for the finance sector, and digital upgrades can be performed at speed. We also enforce stringent cybersecurity and data protection governance on our cloud infrastructure in compliance with industry regulations.”