Blue Launches “Blue WeMedi” a First-in-Digital Insurance Market Outpatient Service Mobile App

Over 50% of Millennial Customers Drive Growth of Outpatient Insurance and Demand Enhanced O2O Brand Experiences


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Hong Kong, 27 July 2021 - Blue, Hong Kong’s first digital life insurer, launches its new “Blue WeMedi” mobile app, the first* outpatient service mobile app introduced within the digital insurance market. Designed to help customers easily manage their outpatient services from their mobile at any time, the new app highlights Blue’s commitment to creating customer-centric insurance solutions, providing greater convenience through comprehensive and flexible features.

Recognising the rise in medical costs within the private healthcare sector, Blue WeMedi Outpatient Protector (“the Plan”), was launched earlier this year to help customers minimise their medical expenses, while also safeguarding their health and that of their loved ones. With a discounted first year premium of HK$238^, customers can enjoy unlimited visits on seven designated types of outpatient services at up to 70% discount of preferential consultation charge#. Covered services include General Practitioner Consultations, Specialist Consultations, Physiotherapy Treatment, Chinese Herbalist Consultations, Chinese Bone Setting Treatment, Acupuncture Treatment, and Chiropractic Treatment. As WeMedi Outpatient Protector has proven successful among Blue’s protection plan holders, Blue has gone a step further by providing a holistic O2O insurance experience to its customers, with the launch of the Blue WeMedi mobile app.

“The pandemic has accelerated the need for outpatient medical care. We see that the majority of customers opting for the Plan are Millennials, who account for over 50% of the Plan’s entire customer base. As a vibrant generation, they remain strongly connected with advanced technologies and have greater expectations in digital products,” said Mr. Charles Hung, CEO and Executive Director of Blue. “Against this background, the market deserves to have more diversified digital insurance products and services for consumers to benefit from. This is where our new Blue WeMedi mobile app comes into play, with an integration of O2O customer experiences, truly reflecting our continual commitment to making life easy for everyone.”

Addressing the needs of its rising tech-savvy customers and making a step further towards digitisation, key features of the Blue WeMedi mobile app include:

  1. Viewing of WeMedi Outpatient insurance plan details around the clock.

  2. Searching of a nearby network doctor while on the go.

  3. Embedment of eMedical card for convenient registration at clinics.

  4. Latest updates and special offers from Blue.

The Blue WeMedi app is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play .

Remarks: *Information was updated as of 23 July 2021, and is based on Blue’s understanding and interpretation towards the current market information among the digital life insurers. ^Respective terms and conditions apply to the above product and offer. #The insured can enjoy unlimited visits on seven designated types of outpatient services at up to 70% discount of preferential consultation charge (may vary depending on the type of outpatient services or locations) per year and can only visit each category of outpatient services once per day.