Other Health Protections by Blue

Easy Protector

Blue provides other health protection

Given the face-paced and stressful lifestyle of the city, many Hong Kong people are suffering from all kinds of health problems. But these minor conditions may not be covered by general medical insurance. Therefore, apart from medical, accident, and critical illness coverage, Blue also offers other health protections that allow you to protect your health at an affordable price, supplementing the areas not covered by other insurance plans.

Comparing different types of easy protection

WeGuard Eye Disease Protector

Board coverage of common eye diseases
  • Glaucoma (surgery required), cataract, macular degeneration and retinal detachment (surgery required)

Upon diagnosis of any of the above covered eye diseases, a lump sum cash benefits will be provided
  • Get your surgery and treatment expenses covered

Premium as low as HK$0.6 per day
  • Benefit amount of Entry Plan can be up to HK$10,000


WeGuard PharmaEASY Protector

First-ever pharmacy benefit plan in Hong Kong Expenses in pharmacies are now covered
  • Prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, health supplements, topical medications, first-aid supplies and surgical mask is covered

Easily accessible covering more than 5,000 designated dealers
  • Covers supermarket chains, personal care product retail chains and convenience stores – whether in store or online

Effortless one-stop online insurance platform Received your claim amount as fast as 1 hour
  • Submit a claim online, and receive your eligible claim amount as fast as 1 hour through FPS

Above information is for reference only. Please refer to the plan’s product summary and policy provision for details.