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Simple and instant online experience
Because that's how insurance should be
online insurance
Goodbye paperwork
Get instant cover by answering just a few simple health questions online.
flexible insurance plan
Flexible cover
Insurance plans that change with your needs.
insurance with no agent fee
Zero commission
Get the best value with no agent or hidden fees.

With easy on the pocket products

Designed to cover all of life's milestones , learn more about our protection plans!

  • WeSave
    S1 Insurance Plan
    • Guaranteed an average interest rate of 3% p.a.
    • Charge-Free Full Withdrawal
    • Extra life protection
  • term life insurance

    Term Life Protection Plan 2
    • Pure life protection with no savings element
    • Up to HK$5.5 million coverage
    • Guaranteed policy renewal without answering further health questions
  • WeCare
    Term Life Protection Plan 1
    • Change the plan without penalties
    • Up to HK$8 million coverage
    • Premium as low as HK$0.22 per day1
  • critical illness protection plan

    Critical Illness Protection Plan 1
    • Cover cancer, heart attack, and stroke
    • Coverage for your kids
    • Premium as low as HK$0.27 per day2
  • personal accident insurance

    Personal Accident Protection Plan 1
    • Double protection amount up to HK$4,000,000
    • 15 infectious diseases benefit
    • Skin burn coverage

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